• Where we started?

    Cheer's food was established in 1996, started by two co-founders Chih Ming and Yu Li, located in Taiwan. Foreseeing the growing demand from worldwide beverage market, Cheer's brand was first time introduced to local chain-stores well known as 100% natural bottled juice manufacturer.


    During the past years, Cheer's has published more than 20 product which include Juice, Coffee, Milk-tea and the best recognized product "Taiwan Brown Sugar Boba Milktea".

    Where we are?

    Since 2016, Cheer's has transformed her role to become a "Beverage Inventor" to help more brands implement their ideal beverages faster and cheaper. Cheer's has continually spent more than US$2,000,000 in developing new beverages. We are in the leading position as a professional Beverage OEM/ODM service provider. 

    Where we'll go?

    Our target is to introduce 200+ NEW SKUs to worldwide every year and is committed to concentrate our efforts and resources to develop more fancy taste for worldwide beverage lovers.